Bone Broth

Bone broth is a healthy addition to soups and stews etc. It’s very cheap and can be made in bulk and frozen. Ingredients: Organic beef bones Organic cider vinegar, 1 cupful Courgettes Carrots Cherry tomatoes Onion Garlic Sea salt Black pepper Seaweed Tumeric Dried leaves of dandelion, nettle and red clover Other organic bones, vegetables,… Continue reading Bone Broth

Roman Bread

A nice quick and healthy bread. 300g white spelt flour 200g wholemeal spelt flour 1 tsp yeast 1/2 tsp salt 400ml warm water 1 tbsp runny honey 1 tbsp olive oil Mix flour, yeast and salt together. Add honey to water. Add water to flour and slightly mix together. Add olive oil. Kneed for a… Continue reading Roman Bread